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**Model Your Own Antenna, Feedline & ATU System!  One Program Does It All**

--Included: NEC2C Antenna Modeling Engine; SimNec Feedline & ATU Modeling All in one program!  

--Place an order (Absolutely Free), Gary-K7EMF will email you SimNec plus the entire setup files for an inverted V antenna, Loop antenna(both side & corner excitation) and V-Beam Antenna plus instructions for modeling your antenna, feedline &  ATU!

--After loading your antenna setup file in SimNec, all you need to do is enter your antenna length, height & feedline length and you can start tuning the ATU as if you were on the air!!  SimNec    will tell you what your ATU parameters are.  If the parameters are within range of your ATU, you are "good to go".  If outside the parameters of your ATU, you may modify antenna length and feedline length to bring your ATU parameters within range!  No more "Cut and Try"!

Note: SimNec 1.5 and later uses feet in lieu of meters for the antenna parameters!

This is what SimNec looks like (Inverted V Antenna, 600 Ohm Ladder Line and Balanced ATU:



                            Demo Of SimNec


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    This just works: any band

    Posted by Bob WA2I on 8th Aug 2023

    Using an autotuner with the open ladderline makes this the ultimate all-band antenna. It just works. Ladderline is very low loss, even with high SWR. This is unlike coax. Works great, always. As the legs of the dipole are one continuous strand or wire up the ladder and out to the end, it is very sturdy, too.

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    Awesome quality and service

    Posted by Steve W9SN on 15th Dec 2022

    Gary was great to answer questions. Helped me design an antenna I've always wanted to put up. Shipping was fast and easy. Nicely coiled up and easy to roll out and get in the air. - de W9SN