StepperTune-BT Remote

Review--StepperTune Tuning Magnetic Loop Antenna  
Posted By: Dick AL7B 

Product: StepperTune---Remotely Control Two Stepper Motors For ATU
Well Thought Out Unit!!

My application is to control the stepper motor for the vacuum variable capacitor in my home brew six foot magnetic loop and only using one of the stepper drivers.

The configuration permits good flexibility of stepper limits, speed with accurate repeatability.

The construction and layout are top notch and housed in metal cabinet. The ability to configure required current to the stepper motors provides comfort the motors are protected.

One slight change I made was to add a pad of rubberized shelf matting under the unit to help keep it in position when pushing the buttons.

My next project will be to incorporate the Elecraft W2 directional coupler and permit the controller to auto-tune the capacitor. Given the performance so far I am not anticipating any problems.

Support from True Ladder Lines has been great. Gary spent about half an hour with me on the phone discussing antennas. Gary is very friendly and happily shares his knowledge.
 73's, Dick  AL7B  Anchorage, Alaska