Loop Antenna Insulator

The supplied insulators used to support your loop antenna may be attached to the antenna by forming a loop at the attachment location, then force the loop through the two holes in one end of the insulator.  Pull the loop through the holes in the end by about 8 inches and then open the loop up and pull it over the opposite end of the insulator.  Then pull the two conductors back through the hole and tighten it up like a noose.  Then attach the lifting line to the opposite end of the insulator and lift the loop antenna up into the air.  Note: if the insulator is in the wrong location, simply detach the lift line and remove the loop from the insulator and re-install at your new location.  See an example picture below:





------UnPacking your new loop antenna-----

It is critical that the ladder line and the loop antenna be "un-wound" like you would using a spool with a rod supporting the middle of the spool.  Rotate the spool to unwind the line.  In this case, there is no spool so one needs to do a "hand over hand" to unwind the bundle.  DO NOT PULL THE LINE OFF THE END as that will throw many kinks in the line!