Posted by Gary Baker-K7EMF on 2nd May 2021

How Should I Implement My New True Ladder Line Antenna System?

How Should I Implement My New True Ladder Line Antenna System?

Our Antenna/TrueLadderLine systems are designed to operate with very high efficiency (90% or better) on all the bands from 160 meters through 10 meters using no loading coils and/or tuned networks in the antenna.

Ladder line is extremely low loss feed line which lends itself well to operating under high swr conditions.  By using a single wire dipole antenna for multiple bands, the swr on the feedline will be high.  With extremely low loss feed line such as True Ladder Line, these swr losses are negligible.  The net result is a highly efficiency antenna system.

We need to think of our antenna as a system, not just an antenna.  So the question is:  how do I get as much RF power to the antenna as possible through my antenna system?  The answer is low loss feedline combined with a tuner that can resolve the impedances presented to it by the feed line over a wide range of frequencies (bands).

Keep in mind that system efficiency is a function of keeping a low swr (1:1 match) on any coax used in the system.  If that is not possible, then keep the coax run (with high swr) as short as possible and use extremely low loss ladder line as much as possible.  This will make the system losses as low as possible and thus a bigger signal!  

I look forward to having a QSO with you on the air!  Best 73's, Gary K7EMF