200 Feet Double-Braided Dacron/Polyester Line 3/16" Continuous Roll

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3/16" Black Double-Braided Polyester Rope 200' Continuous Length for Longer Support Runs

Break Strength: 770lbs

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    200 Ft. Double-Braided Dacron/Polyester Line (3/16")

    Posted by James Brogan, W2UM on 15th Jun 2024

    This line is great! Have used it in the past with great success. No degradation or stretching. Highly recommend for wire antennas. Have used it with my 600 wireline zepp. with great results.

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    Antenna line

    Posted by Jorge on 10th Mar 2024

    Just what I wanted, good price, quickly shipped.

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    Great rope

    Posted by Harold C Shaw on 1st Dec 2020

    This is much better rope that I bought from our local hardware store. This is one great product and It will last for years. Thank you for providing this product.

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    Doublet is working great!

    Posted by W9PFK on 1st Jun 2019

    When i got a Novice ticket back in 1959 this was my first antenna. That was 60 years ago when i was 12 :) Since then i've used a lot(!) of antennas but never found anything better. People are always saying feeding a diplole with coax is easier and better etc. etc. I wonder how many of them have actually used a balanced feed line themselves? I have found feeding a balanced antenna with a balanced feed line to be more efficient. I'm now well into my 70's and lack the ambition to put together another one... so i bought this one from TruLadderLine. Glad i did. I had it up and running the same day she arrived. Couldn't be happier.

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    Dacron Line

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jul 2016

    Excellent quality Dacron Line.