160-10 Meter W7FG True Ladder Line Open Wire Fed Dipole 240' Dipole with 100' Feedline

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  • 160-10 Meter W7FG Open Wire Fed Dipole- 240' Dipole, 100' Feedline
  • 600Ω or 450Ω Open Wire Ladder Line
  • One Conductor from Balun or Tuner to Far End Insulator
  • No Splices, Solder or Crimping to Fail
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Low Wind Loading
  • 100% Copper, 16 Gauge, 26 Strand Wire
  • 20+ Years of Proven Reliability
  • 96% Nominal Velocity Factor
  • Nearly Unaffected by Rain, Unlike 450Ω or 300Ω Twinlead
  • Most Efficient Dipole Antenna
  • 100% USA Made!

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  • 5
    Nice dipole with great support

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2024

    This is a well made dipole.Gary really supports his products well. Thanks!

  • 5
    Less wind load

    Posted by Robert R Smith WB6ODR on 16th Dec 2021

    While I do not in fact have this antenna in the air I have looked it over, still in the box. It looks very substantial and I am looking forward to getting it up and using it on the air. Just a bit cold for this 80 year old to be outside for now.

  • 5
    Great Performer, easy to erect, strong and durable

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Nov 2020

    Absolutely the best value of any pre-manufacturered antenna. I have built many but this is the first commercially built antenna I have ever purchased, simply because it was less than buying the materials and assembling my own. Simple design, 1 total length of wire for each leg of the doublet with no interruption, no connections, no soldering, just one continuous length of wire from doublet tips all the way to the far end of the feed line at the shack. I have the doublet up at about 80 feet with the 30ft on each end at a 90 deg angle dropping vertically so as to fit it in my space, it works fantastic this way. I have recommended this antenna to many friends on air, great company, fantastic support. One of the great sellers out there. Buy with total confidence. Scott

  • 5
    Great wire antenna!

    Posted by Steve Vanacore on 29th Oct 2020

    My set up is up in the trees about 70 feet with the help from my drone ,fishing line and a remote release mechanism. I'm using the 4to1 balun ,about 6 feet of lmr 400 to a ldg unbabanced tuner. I get great signal reports and it even tunes...well is somewhat resonant on 6 meters without the tuner!..150 mile contact on 6m simplex! Ground wave.... It's great on all the low bands with the weak area around 10 m.... overall it performs much better the my 80m endfed...

  • 5
    perfect antenna for Ham MARS AND SHARES

    Posted by Jack on 13th Sep 2019

    I use this antenna at 45ft on a mfj-994 remote auto tuner. I tune all frequencies I use for HAM MARS AND SHARES Performance is beyond perfect almost magical. If you can only run one antenna for multiband then this is the one for you!

  • 5
    W6FG Ladder line is excellent for my use

    Posted by Frank Meacher KQ4FM on 20th Jul 2018

    I have used thi ladderline/antenna for years. It is the absolutely the best I have ever found. It is easy to work with and holds up very well in TX weather. I use it with all of my non resonant antennas with excellent results!

  • 5
    Exceeded Expectations

    Posted by John Frederick, N8GOU on 11th Mar 2017

    I needed an antenna for my station that could be supported without a tower. I have tried various multi-band antennas and always had a tuning problem on one or two bands. I decided to try the true ladder line and have been extremely pleased. My tuner has no issues getting the series below 1.7:1 anywhere between 160 & 10m. Performance is difficult to gage because the bands are difficult right now, but during the ARRL DX contest if I could here them I could work them.