Simple method to secure 600 ohm True Ladder Line to house with 4:1, 3KW, Balun-Designs Balun. Short run of coax leads into shack to standard, coax-feed, unbalanced transmatch.


 Dual, shielded, coax from outside wall of house directly into balanced tuner in shack. I drill two holes large enough to accomodate coax through the sill plate. As in the above photo, where you see one spreader secured to house, I will do the same, and solder both center conductors to the feedline. The spreader is secured so the coax will not pull out. The end of the "harness" you see above is the transmatch end with a ground for connection to station ground. The outside portion of the harness has the shields tied together as well and is grounded to my ground rod on the outside of the shack.


This shows the strength of the True Ladder Line doublet during one of the extreme storms we get in the higher elevations in the mountains of Vermont. Before the ice and snow buildup, the top was between 50-60 feet above ground. I have a very good pulley and counterweight system that takes all the stress of the actual wire and support dacron.


Shows the same True Ladder Line doublet the day before the temperatures dropped and we had a bit more ice buildup.