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True Ladder Line and Wire Antennas

All Baluns

We offer four different baluns Made by Bob Rumsey of Balun Designs. He knows his stuff, makes a wonderful product and backs them up 100%.

Now, how do you choose one? That's the tough question.

We recommend either of the 4:1 models. The 4113T rated at 3KW or the 4114T at 5KW, based on what power you run. If you're into QRO and running the full legal limit, I'd use the 5KW and never have to worry about heating it beyond it's safe rating. If you simply run 100W-300W from a modern rig, the 3KW will more than do the job. These 4:1 models are the most common ones used by most hams that use the True Ladder Line Antennas.

We also offer the 1171 - 1:1 ATU Current Balun, rated for 5KW.

If you have a quality, wide-range tuner that can match the proverbial bedspring antenna, you could use the 1:1. Some people choose this one because it's what they've known works or have used in the past.

The 4:1 will work with a wider range of tuner and have much broader tuning range. Not every tuner will work with every balun. You may have to contact the manufacturer of your tuner to see what they recommend.

We have the 4116T 4:1 hybrid balun which is a 4:1 voltage balun stacked on a 1:1 current balun. This design offers much better RF choking for antennas that may have to be operated a bit out of balance. This would be if one leg happens to run over a building or close to some object that causes imbalance. That can lead to RF feedback and the extra choking will help prevent that.

Finally, if you have a balanced output tuner, forget the balun discussion. You're ready to go!