80-10 Meter W7FG True Ladder Line Open Wire Fed Dipole 125' Dipole 100' Feedline

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  • 80-10 Meter W7FG True Ladder Line Open Wire Fed Dipole 125' Dipole 100' Feedline
  • 600Ω or 450Ω Open Wire Ladder Line
  • One Conductor from Balun or Tuner to Far End Insulator
  • No Splices, Solder or Crimping to Fail
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Low Wind Loading
  • 100% Copper, 16 Gauge, 26 Strand Wire
  • 20+ Years of Proven Reliability
  • 96% Nominal Velocity Factor
  • Nearly Unaffected by Rain, Unlike 450Ω or 300Ω Twinlead
  • Most Efficient Dipole Antenna
  • 100% USA Made!


  • 5
    Lowest loss = More power out!

    Posted by Pat on 19th Jan 2020

    True ladder line fits into my low loss philosophy of antenna systems. I am impressed with the no splice construction and rugged unique insulators. This combined with my balanced tuner allows even my QRP signal to be heard while others lose more than my finals put out. Thank you for a fine product. 72's N3MIT

  • 5
    Excellent Antenna!

    Posted by Carl on 28th Jul 2019

    I took this antenna out of the box, and I hoisted it up between two trees in a state park for field day. With an MFJ auto-tuner, my Icom 7100, and a pc, I made over 200 FT-8 contacts across the bands for our club! Love these products as much as the service from this company!

  • 5
    Works as advertised

    Posted by Josh Rovero on 27th Jul 2019

    Sturdily constructed and very light, so it doesn't sag excessively between end supports (trees, for me). Matches easily on all bands 80 - 10 meters.

  • 5
    Great antenna

    Posted by Al on 1st Aug 2018

    I lost my 75ft tower and Steppir to a tornado. I needed something I could get up quickly. I had never tried open wire feed. This antenna is well made and worth the money. I added a 4:1 balun and got the antenna up 60ft in the air. I have used it on all bands 80-6, and it is a great performer. An open wire fed non-resonant antenna. No more unbalanced resonant antennas for me. In the month and a half it has been up, I have WAS on two bands, DXCC and WAC with this antenna. Plus, 16 DXCC On 6 meters. This antenna was a great surprise to me, and my first experience with open wire. The tuner in my ICOM amp matches all bands except 30m. I use an MFJ tuner for 30, and no problems.

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    Outstanding antenna for a great price

    Posted by Mat G on 17th Apr 2018

    I was looking for an easy to put up, yet quality antenna and I found that in the True Ladder Line antenna. It was easy to put up and it gives very low SWR when installed correctly. I have had no issues with it, even through winter snow/ice/rain storms. I highly recommend this antenna for HF work!

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    10-80 W7FG Very well made

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jan 2018

    I can only say good things about the W7FG. I run strictly balanced tuners on 80. This antenna lends itself well for this. The antenna had held up well in a couple of heavy freezing rain days in Ontario Canada. It is well made and was simple to intall. This design us absolutely the best for low band. I will be buying another product from this company and I will recommend it to my friends

  • 5
    Very worthwhile purchase!

    Posted by Tom on 11th Jan 2018

    I'd never used ladder line prior to receiving my True Ladder Line antenna & I have to say I am extremely pleased with the antenna's performance. I ended up going with the 4:1 balun & this antenna really radiates nicely. The other thing that has impressed me is on the receiving side how quiet it is. Compared to my 6 band yagi, this antenna usually receives nearly as well & sometimes even better & is usually more quiet. Brian was extremely helpful through the whole process & always returned my emails. Highly recommend!

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    Best Antenna I've Had 58 Years

    Posted by Schley Cox on 27th Jul 2017

    My first Novice antenna was a 40 Meter dipole fed with home made ladder line. I graduated to 75 ohm twin lead and then discovered coax and didn't look back. Recently I experienced serious problems with RF in the shack from an EFHW antenna and went back to my roots. W7FG's ladder line antenna was pretty easy to get into the basement (I drilled another hole beside the one for my coax) and draped the feed under the joists over to my old Ten-Tec balanced/unbalanced tuner. 80-10 load up fine without any fancy settings on the tuner. No RF gremlins running around. Good signal reports 80-15 including WARCs. 30 Meters is was the hardest band to load (very sharp) but I receive good reports there too. I haven't operated on 10 yet but I have no reason to think FG's antenna won't shine there too since it will radiate most of my output signal instead of only 50 or 60%. I'm wondering if I can run it as a Marconi-T by feeding the ladder line from a single antenna post. It would take a good ground I know. But that will be a winter project. If you get one you will like it. 73 DE W4AMW

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    An ideal wire antenna

    Posted by Rick Shindley on 10th Nov 2016

    I decided to buy the W7FG open wire feed line center fed dipole as it is an ideal 80-10 dipole if fed properly. I also bought a Palstar balanced tuner to use with this antenna. The antenna is supported by a 40 ft Rohn mast and an oak tree with a pulley at 40 ft and a 15 lb weight. The two supports are 240 ft apart so the center of the dipole is at 30-35 ft. and close to the house. (The antenna wire has not stretched in the 3 months since install.) I brought the feed line into the basement shack area through our 1 ft. thick block wall. I used threaded rod and 1 1/2" PVC pipes and end caps through the wall after drilling 2" dia. holes through an air cavity in a block. I maintained the 3 1/2" wire spacing by locating the holes diagonally form one another as the air cavity would otherwise not allow the spacing. The antenna tunes everywhere on all bands from 80-6!!! The reflected power needle barely moves at 100 W out! It was easy to initially get below 1.2 : 1 at first try on 80-10 but 6m seemed impossible. I experimented over a period of days and found higher Q matches at other LC pairings. Now that reflected power needle stays very close to its rest position from 80 thru 6. The settings are stable and remains so whether the antenna and feed line are wet or dry. Amazing! The feedline was 100ft from the factory but I cut it arbitrarily to about 55 ft (I did not measure) to make it hang neatly and out of the way as it hangs down to reach the PVC feed throughs in the wall in the basement egress window well. This antenna/tuner combo exceeds expectations!