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True Ladder Line and Wire Antennas

Keeping the mis-named "Ladder Line" terminology alive in December CQ Magazine.

Posted by Brian Duerr WB2JIX on

Author R. Scott Rought, KA8SMA has an article in the December issue of QST.

The title of the article is "IMPROVING QRP STATION EFFICIENCY", "The Wonders of Ladder Line. The only problem is, there's no ladder line pictured in the article!

I see some of the old-fashioned twinlead as well as 450 ohm WINDOW LINE. I have written about this many times over the years and feature this prominently in a Power Point presentation that I put together for the ARRL convention in Boxboro, MA last year.

I won't waste much more time in this blog but rather quote an "exchange" I had with a very old ham that approached my display table where I was selling my True Ladder Line and Doublets. For some reason, he was carrying around a roughly 8" piece of Window Line. He came up to me and said, loudly, "do you know what this is?" I thought he was a kook playing a joke on me. I replied "well, since I sell ladder line, I should know what it is! It's 450 ohm window line".

He said "you're damned right it is and you make sure you tell everyone that IT'S NOT LADDER LINE!" I need him to come to work for me in my crusade to preach proper terminology. The old gentleman concluded by saying "look at this; does it look like a ladder? I've never seen a ladder that looks like this in my life! If there was a ladder like this window line, you couldn't begin to climb the damn thing!"

Even Joel Hallas has started to call it "windowed ladder line". We're almost there!

In closing, that may be an easy way to keep things straight. If it looks like a ladder, it's ladder line. If it doesn't, don't call it that!

Whew, that feels better......................... ;-)

73 for now, Brian/WB2JIX

DISCLAIMER: This article is simply my opinion on the subject and in no way is meant to criticize either CQ Mag or the author, in any manner. I'm a faithful reader of the mag and thoroughly enjoy Scott's articles on QRP.

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